CIS170-Visual Basic 6.0

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An introductory look at object-oriented/event-driven programming using Visual Basic. Programming concepts are taught using a task-driven approach which emphasizes applying concepts to realistic cases found in business. Other topics include selection structure, repetition, control arrays, sequential access data files, control boxes, menus, common dialog boxes, random access files, variable and item-data arrays, and data management.


bulletCreate, save, run and stop a Visual Basic project utilizing various controls.
bulletPlan an object-oriented/event driven (OOED) application and build a user interface.
bulletCode, test, debug and document an application.
bulletCreate and use selection structure.
bulletCreate and use repetition and control arrays.
bulletCreate, open, use and close sequential access data files.
bulletSet box controls, add menus and manipulate strings.
bulletDisplay and set dialog box properties including those for errors.
bulletCreate and use random access files and color constants.
bulletCreate and use variable arrays and item-data arrays.
Method of Evaluation

Homework/lab assignments

40 %

One out of two midterm exams

25 %

Final Exam (Comprehensive)

35 %


100 %

Bonus points (Attendance): 2 % deduction for each missing class. See the Policies section below for details.

4 %

Approximate cutoff points:

92 - 100 %


72 - < 78 %


90 - < 92 %


70 - < 72 %


88 - < 90 %


68 - < 70 %


82 - < 88 %


62 - < 68 %


80 - < 82 %


60 - < 62 %


78 - < 80 %


< 60 %



Students are expected to arrive on time and be in class every class meeting. Other commitments or conflicts with attending classes and the starting time for the course are irrelevant -- you knew when you signed up for the course and its assigned class time.

You will be awarded with 4 % bonus points for perfect attendance, which corresponds to three no-penalty absences. If you have a death in the family, car problem, illness, vacation, business trip or anything else that keeps you from attending class, you use your three no-penalty absences. Beyond two absences, each class missed will result in 2 points being subtracted from your course grade. No exceptions will be made for anybody for any reason. For example, if you would have earned an 88% for the course but you missed three times, your final grade would become 86%. Do not bother to call in, leave a note or e-mail me if you miss class because no exceptions will be made to anybody for any reason. If the college closes due to a snowstorm or other emergency, these days will not count against your absences. Arriving in class 15 or more minutes late will count as an absence.

Makeup material from missed lectures is the studentí»s responsibility. The student is responsible for being aware of all announcements made during his/her absence. Doctor must verify extended medical absence and missed assignments are due the day you come back from absence.




Project Submission Requirements Forms

Students are expected to hand in all of their homework assignments and projects at the beginning of the class on the assigned day. There will be one extra homework assignment given. Missing one assignment or one low grade will not influence your semester average. No assignment will be accepted late. Doctor must verify extended medical absence and missed assignments are due the day you come back from absence.
bulletVB Programming Standards
bulletProject Evaluation Sheet
bulletInterface Plan
bulletProperties Plan
bulletCode Plan
Midterm Exams Midterm Exams: Two mid-exams will be given, with the higher exam grade out of two being used in the calculation of your semester grade. Missing one exam, or making one low grade, will not influence your semester average, as your final average will be determined using the other grade. If you are pleased with your first exam grade, you do not have to take the second midterm exam. No make-up exams will be given.
Final Exam A comprehensive final exam will be given. No make-up exam will be given.
Academic Honesty Students are expected to complete all exams and specified assignments without aid. Examination or project assignments which, in the determination of the instructor, have been copied will not be graded. You are not allowed to use classroom computers for other than lecture related applications in class.
Textbook Programming in Visual Basic 6.0, by Julia Case Bradley & Anita C. Millspaugh, ISBN 0-07-233513-0
Disks Five (3 .5") Floppy Diskettes 1.44 MB

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