Jai W. Kang,Ph.D.,CCP

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A Certified Computing Professional (CCP) with over 20 years’ computer/engineering experience (12 years as manager) involving all aspects of computer-assisted operations research. Expertise in: system design/development, applications, programming, statistical analyses, and computer modeling for range of management/technical operations. Personal skills: creative, innovative, logical, analytical, well organized, conscientious, positive attitude, hard worker, and strong leader/manager. Commitment to exceed goals through enthusiasm, intensity, and focus.


bulletPh.D.   Operations Research/Industrial Engineering, State University of New York at Buffalo
bulletM.S.    Operations Research, Georgia Institute of Technology
bulletM.S.    Information/Computer Sciences, Georgia Institute of Technology
bulletM.A.    Mathematics, Kent State University
bulletB.S.     Seoul National University, Korea

b_stone_up.gif (4117 bytes)                           PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS

bulletInducted member of International WHO'S WHO of Information Technology
bulletCertified Computing Professional, Institute for Certification of Computing Professional(ICCP)
bulletAssociation for Computing Machiner(ACM) (SIGCSE) (SIGITE)
bulletAmerican Society for Engineering Education (ASEE)
bulletAssociation for Information System(AIS)
bulletInstitute of Industrial Engineers(IIE)
bulletThe Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI)
bulletInstitute for Operations Research and Management Science
bulletinfoTech Niagara

b_stone_up.gif (4117 bytes)                                    COMPUTER SKILLS

Languages: Basic, Visual Basic, Access Basic, C, C++, Cobol, ALL-IN-1 FMS, Focus, Fortran, HTML, Java, Pascal, Power Builder, SQL, SQL Window

Databases: Access, InterSystems Cache, Clipper, dBase III & IV, FoxBASE, Oracle, MS SQL Server

Operating Systems: MS DOS, Windows 3.1, 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP; DEC VAX VMS & Ultrix

Software: Abstat, ALL-IN-1, ArcView [geographic information system (GIS)], Corel Flow, Excel, Crosstalk, ER/Win, GPSS, HTPM, Level 5, Lotus 1-2-3, Power Point, Primavera, Print Shop, Procomm, Scheduler 5, S-Designer, SPSS, Systat/Sygraph, Visible Analyst(CASE tool), Word, WordPerfect

Hardware: CDC, DEC PDP-11, VAX 8700, Micro VAX 4500/3100, IBM 360/370, IBM PC 486/Pentium/Pentium Pro

Applications: bar codes, client/server applications, data management/modeling, environmental modeling, GISs, inventory, management information systems (MISs), laboratory informa- tion management systems (LIMSs), project management, risk analysis, simulations, statistics

b_stone_up.gif (4117 bytes)                               PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

Rochester Institute of Technology(September 2007-Present) Rochester , New York , Associate Professor at Information Technology Department.

Rochester Institute of Technology(September 2000-2006) Rochester , New York , Assistant Professor at Information Technology Department. Taught Programming for Information Technology I (4002-217), II (4002-218), and III (4002-219);Java for Programmers (4002-318)(4002-714);  Introduction to Database and Data Modeling (4002-360);Windows Programming (4002-570) andAdvanced Application Programming (4002-574); 4002-484-Lab Fundamentals of Database Client/Server Connectivity. Also taught lecture and lab of Introduction to Visual Programming I (0602-215;Visual Basic 6) and Visual Programming II (0602-216).

Computer Applications Consultant(1997-Present), Provide a full range of computer applications development and environmental data management services including Requirement Analysis, Feasibility Study, Systems Analysis/Design, Programming and Training phases on DBMS, Client/Server and Windows programming environments.

Medaille College (August 1998-June 2000), Buffalo , New York , Assistant Professor. Taught Computer Information Systems and MBA courses including Business Statistics, Systems Analysis, Database Development, Introduction to Information Systems, Telecommunicatiuons, Computer Applications (Computer Concepts and MS Office 97), Computer Architecture, Operations Analysis and Modeling, and Production and Operations Management.

Medaille College (January 1998-August 1998), Buffalo , New York , Guest Lecturer. Taught Computer Information Systems courses including Computer Applications, Telecommunications, Advanced Computer Applications, Introduction to Information Systems and Business Uses of the Internet.

Ecology and Environment, Inc. (E & E), Buffalo, New York, Manager of Computer Applications(1981-1997). Member of the Principal staff responsible for managing the daily activities of the information, data management, and systems analysis group. Provide guidance and direction in the development and operation of databases and GISs; modeling of air, water, and noise pollution; computer simulations; and statistical analyses. Oversee the daily operation and ongoing evaluation of computer systems, the integration and enhancement of new and existing hardware/software, and the development of new programs to meet the needs of site- and client-specific applications. Conduct cost/benefit and feasibility studies regarding commercial software and assist with development of quality assurance/quality control systems. Resigned (NOT LAID OFF) to become an independent software developer and consultant.

The Kendall Company, Boston, Massachusetts, Systems Analyst (Boston) and Industrial Engineer (Augusta, Georgia)(1979 - 1981).

 b_stone_up.gif (4117 bytes)                 SPECIAL PROJECTS/ACCOMPLISHMENTS


Played a key role in the development, installation, and operation of E & E’s nationwide computer network including the headquarters mainframe and minicomputers, word processors, and PCs.


Directed development of user-friendly MISs for the US Department of Energy (DOE) at Sandia National Laboratory: Sample Analysis, Work Assignment Summary, and Environmental Restoration Information.


Provided support for standardized, automated, barcode-based waste tracking system (Oracle) for DOE Idaho National Engineering Laboratory. Correlated existing data, software selection, system design, and review.


Participated in the design/development of E & E’s Project Management System (PMS) for company work planning, scheduling, and reporting.


Adapted applications of GISs to environmental problems for numerous federal clients.


Served as database development task leader for the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) facility investigation at the West Valley, New York, Nuclear Services Site.


Managed development of a database containing historic and current environmental and risk data concerning a former town gas facility for a major New York City utility company.


Led development of industrial hazardous waste management system for China (PRC).


Served as systems analyst for the evaluation of environmental damage caused by the 1990-1991 Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. Assisted Kuwait in preparing environmental damage claims for submission to the United Nations.


Directed air pollution abatement data management programs for Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar.


Developed statistically-based sampling plan for detection of gasoline leakage in underground storage tanks, and methodology to determine dioxin levels in Lake Ontario biota.


For US Environmental Protection Agency, designed/programmed the original hazardous waste site field investigation team Project Management Control System and Waste Site Tracking System for field investigations.


Developed several databases related to asbestos inspection and abatement.


Created mathematical models for effluent dispersion and noise pollution from industrial facilities in the US.

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